Take control of eye drops

Lets face it - taking eye drops can be a struggle. The small fiddly bottles are difficult to hold and squeeze. And who can stop themselves blinking when you put something that close to your eye?

Opticare has a range of award-winning eye drop dispensers that can help you to take control of eye drops and let you focus on the fun things in life.

An Opticare eye drop dispenser can help you, your patients or those you care for, keep the independence they deserve.


What's New

Opticare in action

Demonstration videos of how to use Opticare and Opticare Arthro are now available.  

Need a helping hand?

Do you sometimes forget to take your medication?

Keep your eye drops next to your toothbrush and take them when you brush your teeth.

What others say...

"Had difficulty aiming at first, but now I find it so easy, and I can squeeze it in spite of my silly hands."

P.S, Essex