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Eye drops can present a major hurdle for compliance and patient independence

The majority of patients suffering from long-term eye conditions such as glaucoma, dry eye or undertaking cataract surgery are over 65 and often suffer from other conditions that can impact on their ability to competently self-administer their eye drop medication.

Graph displaying breakdown of difficulties associated with eye drop insillation.
Ref: Nursing Times 86,No.27

Few patients willingly volunteer that they are having problems. A Medicines Use Review is an ideal opportunity for ensuring patients have full access to their eye drop medication.

Good eye drop application technique is all important: 30% of patients were shown to have ineffective drop administration technique in an independent survey conducted at Doncaster Royal Infirmary in 2006.

However, many patients may need the extra support for independent living that the Opticare range of eye drop dispensers can provide. 

Opticare eye drop dispensers aid patient concordance

 Opticare helps patients regain their confidence, control their shaky hands and help their arthritic fingers squeeze the eye drop bottle.

There are NPC information sheets and guidelines available on assistive devices for glaucoma patients, repeat prescriptions and achieving concordance.

The RNIB has published a report on patient compliance in glaucoma -  "Don't blame the patient"

Other sources of information on eye conditions and compliance

International Glaucoma Association
Fighting Blindness 
British Sjogren's Syndrome Society

Opticare Compatibility

Can your patients drops be used with Opticare?

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Prescribing Opticare

Opticare is available on prescription in the UK. Click for information about prescribing Opticare.

What others say...

"I have been banging on to my colleagues and Social Services that your Opticare Arthro 10 is a miracle…..  We are supporting more and more in the community and this has helped many older persons with independence and not needing a district nurse for administration."

B. J, Older Persons Co-ordinator, South Hams Hospital, Devon