Eye Health

To maintain good eye health

  • have regular eye examinations
  • if you have a close family history of glaucoma, visit your optician at least once per year and ask for the full test for glaucoma. If you are resident in the UK, you may be entitled to a free NHS eye test.
  • Eat 5-a-day and include spinach as well as fruit and vegetables high in vitamin C
  • Shield your eyes from UV and strong sunlight
  • Ensure you take any medication for chronic eye conditions on time, every time
  • Ask your optician or GP or nurse about preservative -free drops if you are on long-term medication for dry-eye

Want more information about general eye health?

Visit the RNIB website or contact their helpline  0845 766 9999 or visit Moorfields website or visit  the Fighting Blindness website or NHS Direct

Want more information on glaucoma?

Visit the International Glaucoma Association website or contact their helpline - SightLine 0870 609 1870 or Glaucoma Research website

Want more information on Dry eye/ Sjorgens Syndrome?

Visit the British Sjorgens Syndrome Association website

Optician home visiting

Need a home visit from an optician?

Ask your local optician or contact The Outside Clinic on 0500 295 245 for an appointment

Need a helping hand?

Do you wear contact lenses?

If you use soft contact lenses, remove them before instilling eye drops. Wait 15 minutes before re-inserting.

Did you know?

People with highly elevated levels of intraocular pressure tend to experience symptoms such as an aching pain, blurred vision, and nausea or vomiting and often perceive halos around their field of vision.