Opticare compatibility with eye drops

Most leading brands of eye drops for glaucoma, dry eye and post-cataract treatment are listed below. If you want, or can provide us with, more information about your drops please contact us to update this listing. 

indicates compatibility

Manufacturer Brand Bottle Size Opticare Opticare Arthro 5 Opticare Arthro 10
Allergan Combigan 5ml  
  Alphagan 5ml  
  Lumigan 3ml  
  Betagan 5ml  
  Propine 5ml  
  Propine 10ml  
  Ganfort 5ml  
  Pred Forte 5ml  
  Pred Forte 10m  
  FML 5ml  
  FML 10ml  
  Exocin 5ml  
  Acular 5ml  
  Liquifilm Tears 15ml  
  Relestat 5ml      
  Refresh Contacts 15ml  
Bausch & Lomb Artelac 10ml  
  Floxal 5ml  
  Betamann 0,1% 5ml  
  Betamann 0,3% 5ml  
  Timomann 0,25% 5ml  
  Timomann 0,5% 5ml  
Martindale Pharmaceuticals Hypromellose 10ml  
  Timolol 5ml  
  Chloramphenicol 10ml  
  Homatropine 10ml  
  Neomycin Sulphate 10ml  
  Phenylephrine 10ml  
  Sodium Chloride 10ml  
  Vista Methasone 5ml  
  Vista Methasone 10ml  
  Zinc Sulphate 10ml  
Alcon Azopt 5ml  
  Betoptic (0.5% w/v eye drop solution) 5ml  
  Betoptic (0.25% w/v eye drop suspension) 5ml  
  Iopidine 5ml  
  Travatan # 2.5ml    
  Duotrav # 2.5ml    
MSD Timoptol 5ml *    
  Timoptol LA 5ml **    
  Trusopt 5ml *    
  Cosopt 5ml *    
Pfizer Xalatan # 2.5ml    
  Xalacom # 2.5ml    

# Use bottle collar adaptor (supplied with Opticare from June 2007) with these bottles to ensure secure fit inside Opticare

* This bottle is more rigid than many. Insert into Opticare with the bottle top removed and flat side first.

** Aid available from MSD