Opticare Universal

Opticare eye drop dispenser - designed by pharmacists to help you instil drops.

Shaky hands?
Lack confidence?
Can't grip or squeeze like you used to?

We listened then designed Opticare to help you.

Opticare is big enough to grip comfortably.

Opticare's simple mechanism makes squeezing easy. No more drops rolling down your cheek!

Opticare's eye piece rests safely and comfortably on your brow bone. No more fear of poking yourself in the eye!

Available in a range of vibrant colours. Choose a colour for each drop you use. You will find your drops wherever you leave them.

Opticare is easy to use and comes packed with a special collar adaptor that fits around even the slimmest eye drop bottles such as Xalatan® and Travatan®.

Opticare is durable. It should last 2 year's of daily use.

New! Opticare Adapter

Fits snugly around narrow neck bottles such as Xalatan and Travatan.

An adaptor is now provided in every new Opticare pack.

Buy Opticare

Opticare can be purchased from your local pharmacist, on-line or on prescription. Find out more about making a purchase.