Easy eye-drops in the USA

May 24 2007

An innovative line of dispensers that ensures easy and accurate eye-drop application is being re-launched in the United States. Opteze from British manufacturer Cameron Graham turns administering eye-drops into a simple process, especially for the elderly, the arthritic and young people.

Around nine million people over the age of 65 in the United States struggle daily trying to use eye drops, the company estimates. Those with chronic conditions may use drops for the rest of their lives and surveys show that as many as 70% of eye patients experience some problems with self-administration.

Cameron Graham says it has made the process easier with what it believes is the only non-proprietary dispenser that allows users to both accurately target the eye and squeeze the plastic medication bottle, held inside the device, when applying the drops. 

The Opteze dispensers (previously available as the Eye Drop Delivery Aid) fit securely around the eye, with the medication bottle positioned so that the dropper tip does not touch the eye.

“Fear of poking the eye and difficulty squeezing the small rigid bottles often leads to more drops going down the cheek than in the eye, as well as a great deal of frustration,” says Alison Wilson, director of Cameron Graham. “Even more so for those who are frail or arthritic, have glaucoma or are recovering from a cataract operation. Our dispensers turn eye drop application into a ‘can do’ experience.”

Two models

There are two models in the Opteze line: a universal model, and one for patients suffering from more severe arthritis. The universal aid, suitable for most eye-drop users, accommodates most 0.08 fl oz to 0.5 fl oz round and oval plastic dropper bottles and is cylindrical, with a grip-sized body to increase user confidence.

For patients with severe arthritis or limited hand/shoulder movement, there is the Arthro model which is available in two sizes and features extended arms, leading to a rotating eyepiece, and will hold most 0.08 fl oz to 0.5 fl oz round and oval plastic dropper bottles. The full line can be seen at:

A community nurse based in the UK wrote: “Without this eye-drop dispenser, I could not have produced a workable care management programme empowering older people to safely administer their own eye drops. It leads to better case-load management and, therefore, better use of resources.” Opteze dispensers (available in the UK under the Opticare® brand) won the Johnson & Johnson Award for Best Medical Device Innovation at the Medical Futures Innovation Awards 2005, held in London.

As the population continues to age, and the prevalence of age-related eye disease increases, quality-of-life issues for seniors are a focus of attention. The company says that these trends offer significant distribution opportunities for its dispensers and welcomes interest from suitable representatives.