Opticare now compatible wilth all leading brands of glaucoma drops

May 31 2007

New adaptor launched in June 2007. To coincide with this, Opticare eye drop dispensers launched a new bottle adaptor which further extends the compatibility of this award winning compliance aid to all leading brands of Glaucoma eye drops. The adaptor is very easy to use and is provided in all new product packs from mid June. Alternatively the adaptor can be sourced as a separate item from Cameron Graham Ltd.

Eye drop bottles are notoriously difficult to use but some bottle designs render them particularly problematic for the elderly or those with a touch of arthritis in their hands. The bottles can be very small with narrow necks  making them especially difficult to hold.  Some are also made from more rigid plastic that is difficult to squeeze in a controlled manner.  Opticare not only gives users the confidence to target their eye without fear but the design also helps them to squeeze the bottle, requiring only the smallest amount of finger pressure.

Opticare dispensers are the only eye drop compliance aids that are available on prescription in the UK as well as being available for purchase from local pharmacies.

“Our  new bottle adaptor can make a real difference to people’s lives. I was only hearing the other day how Opticare has contributed to the delay of one elderly patient going into a care home. She is now able to self-administer her eye drops and therefore retain her independence whilst complying with her glaucoma treatment.” said Alison Wilson, MD of Cameron Graham Limited, manufacturer of Opticare.  ”A good basic technique for instilling drops is essential for the successful treatment of all eye conditions and our free patient information leaflet, Top Tips for Eye Drop Success, is proving extremely popular with patients, carers and healthcare professionals”.