Opticare responds to RNIB call for action

Oct 08 2007

Cameron Graham Ltd, a Yorkshire based business dedicated to the provision of medical devices that promote compliance and patient independence, extends the compatibility of its award winning eye drop dispensers to include leading brands of Glaucoma medication.  Calling for doctors, nurses and pharmacists to regularly assess a patient’s ability to take their eye drop medication as part of the Glaucoma care pathway, Cameron Graham Ltd is offering free leaflets and posters on good eye drop technique -‘Top Tips for Eye Drop Success’- to pharmacists, doctors and nurses for distribution to eye patients.  The company’s new website offers tips and advice on compliance topics.  

An estimated 210,000 people in the UK have irreversible sight loss due to Glaucoma. Although the reasons for this are complex and interdependent, it is universally accepted amongst all stakeholders that improved compliance is vital if unnecessary sight loss is to be avoided.  “Compliance is the most important factor in the management of chronic conditions across all disease areas.  The International Glaucoma Association is pleased to support this Opticare initiative which can only help to improve the situation” David Wright, Chief Executive, International Glaucoma Association.

Opticare is the only range of eye drop dispensers that can be prescribed by doctors and nurse prescribers in the UK. The innovative design boosts patient confidence and independence by accurately targeting the eye at a safe distance and making it much easier to squeeze the eye drop bottle. Eye drop bottles vary in size, shape and flexibility but Opticare can be prescribed for use with most of the leading ophthalmic brands.  Self administering eye drops is not an easy task.  With difficulties common to patients around the world Opticare is available from pharmacies in Australia from October.